How to Know Dog Is Lonely: Watch Out For These 5 Signs

Dogs are great social animals. They love to play, run have fun and spend time with their masters. But most of us tend to leave our dogs alone in the house when going for work
and this is where the problem starts from. To deal with their loneliness most dogs
resort to an unusual behavioral pattern. They either get very aggressive or destructive.
To help you out we have listed the 5 warning signs that will let you know that your dog
needs you.

5 Signs to Watch Out For

Watch out for these 5 signs in order to know that your dog is lonely:

Destructive Behaviour

Have you ever found your dog messing up the whole
house? Or have you ever come back home to chewed up shoes, torn pillows etc?
If your dog continues to put up this kind of behavior on a regular basis then, you
can be sure of one thing that your dog is trying to tell you something. All this
chaos is just to get your attention. Since they can’t communicate with you
through words, they use this destructive behavior of theirs in order to
communicate about their boredom or loneliness.

Excessive Howling or Barking

You must have seen your dog howling or
barking for no reason. You may ignore that thinking that it’s normal but in
reality, it’s not normal at all. Excessive barking or howling is their way of letting
you know that they are in dire need of your attention. Also, it’s a sign of
loneliness. Usually, dogs that are left alone in the house when their masters go to
work are the dogs that resort to this kind of behavior. So next time when you
come back home to an angry note from a neighbor, instead of blaming your dog
try to rectify your own negligence.

Accidents inside The House

Is your dog leaving you presents in the house?
Like for instance, he waits for you to go the shower so that he can poop in the
drawing room or in your bedroom but only on the days that you are at home.
Well, then your dog is clearly trying to tell you that he doesn’t like the fact that
you leave him alone in the house when you go out for work. If you are a really
busy person it’s better that you don’t get a pet instead of keeping them locked up
in the house for the entire time. But in case if you have someone who can stay at
the house while you are gone then, it’s fine.

Reduced Appetite and Low Energy Level

Dogs are generally very much active
and bustling with energy all the time and they also love to hog on to that is given
to them. So it will be clearly noticeable if, your dog suddenly stops playing or
start eating less. If this is the kind of behavior that your dog is giving to you then
it means that he is stressed. It may also mean that he is depressed or feeling lonely. In such a situation you need to spend more time with your dog in order to
make them feel better.


Excessive aggression is also a sign of dogs being lonely. If you notice
a sudden change in your sweet dog’s behavior like for example if, he’s being
snappy all the time then, you need to understand that either your dog is having
any sort of health issue or he is not happy. One of the reasons for not being
happy can be loneliness. So if you happen to leave your dog in the house when
you go out to work then you should realize it by now that where the problem

If you notice any such behavior in your otherwise sweet dog, don’t neglect it because it
is obvious that your dog is trying to communicate something to you. They can either be
facing any health issues or they are lonely. If your dog is healthy then the only reason
that you should consider the unusual behavior is that they are lonely. In such a situation
you should be spending quality time with your dog as much as possible.

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